commission pricing


Half body - $90
Full Body - $150

Experimental, high artistic freedom,
"messy" painterly look.
+70% per extra character


Spot color - $20
Monochrome - $30
Flat color - $40

Waist-up sketches with different
color options.
+70% per extra character


Sketch - $40
Painted - $70

"Chibi-styled" characters.
Designs will typically be simplified.
Sketches are colored or have
simple shading.
+70% per extra character


Single - $40
Matching set - $60

500x500 icon for profiles, emotes, whatever.

custom charms

Base Price - $60

Extra options available

A custom-made "chibi-styled" acrylic keychain. 2.5", double-sided.

+70% for extra character
Minimum turn around time of 4-6 weeks.

terms of service

Prior to payment, the client must read, understand, and agree to all of the below terms before entering a contract with the artist. Sending payment indicates the client agrees to the below terms.For any questions or custom requests, email me at [email protected]
or message me on social media.


The artist reserves the right to decline any request or order for any reason.The artist reserves the right to cancel a commission and issue a refund for any reason, including but not limited to inappropriate or disrespectful behavior.If at any point the client chooses to cancel the contract, refunds are dependent on the amount of work already completed and not guaranteed.If at any point the client has failed to respond to sketches or status updates provided for a period longer than one month, the contract may be rendered void.

Time & Scope

The artist will submit a sketch for approval before proceeding with the final commissioned piece. Once the sketch has been approved, payment will be expected and major changes will not be accepted. The timeline of the piece may vary due to personal circumstances, but will typically not exceed one month. The final commissioned piece may vary in style, but be within the expected range provided in examples.


Payment is taken via PayPal invoices. The artist requires full payment after approval of the sketch, but before further work is continued. Refunds and cancellations are conditional, and dependent on the amount of work already completed. Tips are gladly accepted in advance through the invoice, or a separate ko-fi donation afterwards.

Additional Fees and Revisions

Up to 3 reasonable revisions during the sketch phase are allowed. Once a sketch has been approved by the client, there will be an additional fee to significantly alter the piece. Final images that have been approved by the client will not be altered, other than to add superficial elements. Especially complex designs or intensive requests may be subject to an additional fee or upcharge.

Rights & Ownership

Ownership of the copyright, as well as the right to reproduce, display, or use the artwork for promotional purposes remains with the artist. Unless at the request of the client, the artist may display commissioned work on any social media. Upon receiving the final work, the client is authorized to make use of the artwork for any non-commercial display purposes (icons, thumbnails, etc.) The client may not reproduce the artwork for merchandise such as prints, t-shirts, etc. without prior agreement or contract. For logo commissions or promotional material, the client is subject to an additional fee of $50 to allow commercial usage. (ie; selling shirts or stickers of the logo alone.) The client may not alter the artwork beyond simple cropping for display purposes. The client may not claim the artwork as their own work, or attempt to claim ownership or copyright of the artwork. The client may upload the artwork online or display offline without permission of the artist, but credit and a link to the artist is required. Under no circumstances may any commissioned work be used for, or sold as an NFT or any cryptocurrency-adjacent clownery.

These rights and conditions are non-negotiable and irrevocable. Violations will not be tolerated.



10 | She/Her
Helpful Assistant

My very helpful assistant.
Please perceive her.


Li Hensley | MnstrMthd

27 | They/Them
Independent Illustrator

Hello! My name is Liara (Li), a queer, self-taught independent illustrator from the East Coast.My main focus is on original illustrations and stories, but I also love drawing art of media that I like.I'm currently working on many different projects, so please stay tuned! I'm very excited to make and share more things in the near future!

Perceive Her.